The First Presentation:

Early Reminiscences

  The first presentation of My Heart Is Glad was on March 24, 1940 at Hope Congregational Church.  Bernadine Bailey Mellow remembers the occasion. She writes:

          I just have to get in on the trip down memory lane regarding My Heart is Glad….The program for the first presentation of My Heart is Glad … was done on a typewriter and copies run off on a mimeograph. It just had the words of the cantata and only mentioned David Thornton as the organist but not as the composer and does not give the name of the Pastor. Pastor Thornton suggested the Scripture passages.   
          Elizabeth [Thornton Woerner] sang the solo "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" and it was absolutely beautiful. She had such a pure, sweet voice that went so well with her personality. It was presented March 24, 1940… My sister [Wanda Bailey Mellow] and I sang in it as well as Cliff Mellow,  Ted Mellow, Betty Pirrie Provinse, and John Snarrenberg's brother, Arthur, who sang a bass solo. I will never forget the joy of that evening.   Bernadine