The April 8, 1962 Performance

Scottish Rite Cathedral

St. Louis, Missouri


        Between 1940 and 1962, the cantata was occasionally performed at churches in the St. Louis area, and David Thornton had taken a position at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. Then, early in  1962, David Thornton had the idea of a collaborative performance by the St. Louis choirs that had previously performed the cantata. Twenty-three churches responded to the idea, and the result was a magnificent performance on April 8, 1962 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Participating that day were 273 singers and a 42-piece orchestra who performed before the 2,100 people in attendance. Four soloists were featured that day. 

Soloists on April 8, 1962

Roberta Scholin


Area soloist and daughter of  C. Albert Scholin, whose music company published the cantata

Marjorie Stormont Mowry


Soloist from Trinity Presbyterian Church where David Thornton was Music Minister

William McDonald


Unknown association with David Thornton but a later colleague of Thomas King at Indiana University, where both  men were doing graduate work in music.

Vern Shinall


Unknown association with David Thornton, but later a famous singer with the New York City Opera company


Images from the 1962 LP Album





Front cover of album from 1962 LP recording.

Additional Images from The 1962 LP Album

Back cover of album from 1962 LP recording,  photographed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.


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